Primary Care

We’re all about YOU and your well-being.  Together, we can help you live a healthier and happier life.  We have a team of providers highly trained to help you achieve your healthcare goals.   Our goal is to treat your whole person, body and mind, with an emphasis on how the two work together.  We are here for your whole person needs, in-person and virtually from your home.  Compassionate care – for you and your whole family!

Well Visits & Physicals


Treatment of Acute Illnesses & Injuries


Pediatric Care


Immunizations for Adults and Children


Nutritional Education


Women’s Healthcare

Family Practice

Do you miss the days of the “Family Doctor?” The healthcare provider who knew not just you, but everyone in your family? A provider who formed a relationship with you that lasted through the years? Those days are alive and well at Spectrum’s Family Practice because that’s the kind of care we believe in. We treat the whole family and stand by you through all of life’s changes.


From birth through adulthood, a child’s body goes through amazing changes and complex health challenges. At Spectrum, our providers are ready to assist you and your child every step of the way. Well-child visits, check-ups, immunizations, sports physicals – care for injuries and illness – are just a few of the services we offer our pediatric patients as they grow into adulthood. 

Lab Services

When a laboratory test is ordered by your provider. you want to get that test completed as soon as possible. With Spectrum’s on-site lab services, you can have your lab work done before you leave the building.


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