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Integrated Healthcare, Anywhere!


The healthcare landscape has undergone dramatic changes over the last few years. The needs and preferences of the consumers we serve are now more diverse than any time seen before. Social determinate of health disparities in Arizona are seen at alarming rates, with housing and health care services being more difficult to access. Additionally with the fast paced environment and technology enabled world we live in consumers are looking for rapid, technology enabled and accessible healthcare solutions. Finally, reimbursement is continually shifting to alternative payment arrangements that focus on quality care, while consumers are shifting towards looking at net promoter scores for quality services.

Providers of health and human services are faced with the challenges of meeting these growing and changing needs. With this changing landscape the need to be adaptable, nimble and innovative has never been more important. By applying these principles to healthcare, providers can make real changes to the way healthcare is delivered that meets the diverse needs of all populations. Health and human service leaders can take a page out of the playbook from technology start-up companies on how to innovate.

Developing a service line specifically catered to the needs of the consumers can be done in a different and innovative way. Gone are the days when a service line required a fully developed yearlong implementation plan. In healthcare we can take a safe and effective minimum viable service line to market. With that service we can then engage stakeholders and consumers in providing real time feedback about the success and opportunity for improvement. Finally, pivoting and adapting in real time to this feedback to ensure this service line is really delivering on the needs of our consumers. This adaptation of the start-up model is what is needed to re-imagine what health and human services can be to really serve our communities.

At Spectrum we have taken this message to heart, and transformed how care is delivered. In 2020 we launched Spectrum Anywhere Care. This model of care is designed to take the full span of physical and behavioral health services to patients, where they need them. When a home-bound patient is facing hospitalization for the sake of twice weekly wound care, we can go to their home and provide this service. When a family with five children is dreading going to the pediatrician’s office to get yearly vaccines for their children, we can go to them! When one of those same five children needs therapy, you guessed it, we can do that in the home also. We are removing traditional barriers to care, and making integrated care accessible by everyone in Arizona. It does not matter where you live, if you have internet access or what your need is…we will be there…for mind, for body, for all of YOU!