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Spectrum is dedicated to creating accessible healthcare through innovative methods.  We want to make your care easy for you! 

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Anywhere Care

We now offer the care wherever you are.

Virtual Services

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Mobile Medical Services

Follow our mobile unit for walk-up appointments!

Eligible Insurance

Call today to talk through how we can work with your insurance.  1-877-634-7333

We accept most major insurance plans and our specialist can help you get qualified for services.

Commercial Insurance

Medicare & Medicaid

Patient Pay

Options for Behavioral Health: Medicaid & Patient Pay

Anywhere Care

Call 877-634-7333 to schedule your service.

Gone are the days of having to come in for an office visit–we now offer the care you need practically anywhere. We can visit wherever YOU are:

Your Home
Your Community
Your Device

Our specialist are able to do assessments, vaccinations, tests, EKGs, and much more in home.  They can also connect you virtually to a Spectrum physician, psychiatrist, therapist, or care manager.  The best care right where you are!

Virtual Services

Virtual waiting rooms for scheduled appointments.

Most of our services are offered via telehealth, which is a great way to get care on the go, in your home, on vacation, or where ever you may be.  Our virtual links make it easy to navigate an appointment with any provider. Make a virtual appointment today at 877-634-7333!


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At our Locations

Yes, we still like seeing you in person as well!

We have services on site in:

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