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About Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health is the scientific study of the emotions, behaviors and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in everyday life and their concept of self.  At Spectrum, we look at the mind and body connection and effect they have on the whole person.

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The mobile crisis team members are specially trained in crisis response techniques.  They coordinate with Spectrum psychiatry, primary care providers, nurses, counselors and other community providers to offer services necessary for the individual experiencing crisis.


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Our psychiatrists specialize in behavioral health as well as being experts in the physical needs of our patients.  They are responsible to diagnose and treat disorders to optimize wellness, stability, and fulfillment of individuals in our care.


Our therapists meet with clients to encourage the identification of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that guide clients to navigate them daily as a means to leading a life that supports wellness and a sense of safety and happiness.

Residential Treatment

Our residential programs are designed for those living with substance use disorders as well as other diagnosis.  The Momentum team is specially trained to assist our clients in living as independently as possible upon successful completion. We also offer employment opportunities to make this transition through our Work Adjustment Training program.

Recovery Services

With individualized care, we offer recovery-focused services that allow individuals the opportunity to learn to manage their own recovery and advocacy process. With the help of our Peer Support staff, our patients learn to enhance the development of natural supports, as well as learn coping and self-management skills.

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Your Symptoms

Panic Attacks

This is a sudden feeling of acute and disabling anxiety, which may be accompanied by shaking, feeling disorientated, rapid, irregular heartbeats, breathlessness, etc.


This is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.


Hopelessness is a feeling of despair or lack of hope that life can feel better than it does. 


Caring for Emergency Responders

We are here to help!

Spectrum Healthcare Group cares about first responders and healthcare professionals. So much so, that we have created a program designed with you and your family in mind.


All of the staff at Spectrum are so caring and helpful.   My case manager is awesome and I appreciate having someone so skilled at her job!   My counselor is great as well and was able to provide me with some tools to help me through some difficulties!


They have worked with me and my family for almost a year now and the strides my children have made are beyond amazing. They work with you and your children personally and in your home. I am happy with how personal the counselors can be and their true concern for my children.

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Spectrum is ready to explore your path to wellness today.  Press the chat button or call now 1-877-634-7333.  Your mental wellbeing is important to us, take a moment to invest in yourself and see what we can offer!


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