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About Primary Care

Our general healthcare services are geared toward prevention of disease, maintenance of any current ailments, and care during bouts of sickness.  We offer services to all stages of life and keep in mind the wants and needs of our patients.

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Wellness Visits

Physical health is at its peak when we are maintaining it and having regular checks. From sports physicals, to well visits, to preventative exams, we have you covered!

Lab Services

When a laboratory test is ordered by your provider, you want to get that test completed as soon as possible. With Spectrum’s on-site lab services, you can have your lab work done before you leave the building.

Pain Management

Chronic pain is complex and impacts all aspects of life.  Spectrum takes a whole health approach to pain management, looking at all the contributing factors you are facing.  We are equipped to monitor medications, use a variety of treatments, and help you navigate toward wellness.


Get tested or inoculated at any of our locations, curbside, or wherever you are with Anywhere Care.  We are dedicated to community health and committed to slowing the spread of COVID-19.


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Treatment of Acute Illness & Injury

Our experts offer the best in care on your worst days. We hope you are always well, but if you experience symptoms that lead to long-term treatment, we are well equipped to be by your side with excellent options.

Accepting New Patients

We are accepting new patients for individual, family, or pediatric care.  Sports physical, well checks, immunizations, health maintenance, illness, and injuries.  We do it all!  Schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor today!

Your Symptoms


A persistent cough can be related to a common cold, influenza, allergies, asthma, pnemounia, bronchitis, and many other diagnonis. 


Throbbing, aching, or shooting, regular headaches can be caused by dehydration, noise, lighting, emotional stress, injury or infection.

Digestive Issues

Constipation, diahrea, cramping, and nausea can be caused by diet, medication, stress, ulcers, Crohn’s diseas, or IBS.


I am so grateful for great the people and the  communication I received. They are all awesome! The lab is there, your blood work is there,it’s like a one stop place where you get the care that you need without the runaround. 😃 Love it!


I have been going to spectrum for a little over 2 years for both primary and mental health care and I have to I’m very pleased with everything they have to offer.

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Start a relationship with a primary care Physician today.  We are accepting new patients and have a variety of providers to meet your all health needs!


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