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Acupuncture: Ancient Healing in Modern Setting

When you think about getting stuck with a needle, what is your first thought?

Most people cringe!

Some have even STRONGER reactions to needles!!

Trypanophia is the extreme fear of needles. According to the CDC, as many as 2 in 3 children and 1 in 4 adults have strong fears of needles. This fear is a common reaction that extends to acupuncture. People worry that acupuncture is going to be painful-or worse-they don’t quite know what to expect!! This fear of the unknown can have people making up all kinds of scenarios in their minds. They may never let themselves experience the benefit of an acupuncture treatment.

What is Acupuncture?

The practice of Acupuncture is over 3,000 years old. It is said to have originated in China and involves the insertion of a very thin needle at specific points along the body. The insertion of the needle is thought to influence the way energy flows within the body. From a Western perspective, the needles may stimulate nerves, tissues, and boost body’s natural ability to reduce pain.

What can Acupuncture help with?

It is most commonly used to treat pain, manage stress, and improve overall wellness.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in a study with 5690 patients who completed acupuncture treatment, the average success rate was 79.7%, with highest rates (93%) being achieved in patients with cephalagia aka headaches.


Acupuncture and Addiction Treatment

In Spring of 2021, Momentum, Spectrum’s Residential Treatment facility, launched its very own Acupuncture program utilizing the NADA protocol, Acudetox, designed to treat both addiction and trauma related stressors.

Treatments are done in a group setting by a trained Acudetox Specialist, Angela Bassett, LISAC who is supervised by Chinese Medical Doctor, Stephani Sarnoski, founder of Stuck Acupuncture in Flagstaff, AZ.

Each week, participants gather in the group room for 30-45 minutes and receive 5 acupuncture needles in each ear, as well as a specially blended herbal tea, called Sleep Mix tea. This non-caffeinated blend contains chamomile, lavender, spearmint and other herbs which may promote relaxation of the nerves, improve digestion, and sleep.


Benefits of Acudetox treatment include:
  • Reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs including nicotine
  • Minimized withdrawal symptoms
  • Increased calmness
  • Better sleep
  • Less agitation
  • Relief from stress and emotional trauma
  • Easier connection with counseling
  • Discovery of inner quiet and strength.

Treatments are non-verbal which can be a welcome change from any need to “perform” or share personal information during a group setting.

Here is what some of our clients say about Acudetox weekly treatments:

“It takes relaxation to a whole new level” and “Thoroughly enjoyable…I could feel the tension leave my body” and “I always feel my grief wash away during the treatment”.

Almost all participants’ who had initial apprehension about their first acupuncture treatment are relieved to find that the treatments are much gentler than they expected. They are able to relax and let go for the first time in a long time, and relaxation is the first step to igniting the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself.

“To slow time down, practice enjoying the moment. It is where we spend our entire lives.”- I Ching