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Crisis Mobile Team


The Spectrum Healthcare Crisis Mobile Team was created in 2016 to provide immediate support to community members experiencing a mental health crisis.

Crisis Mobile Teams are an urgent response team aimed at addressing mental health issues as they arise in the community. The purpose of the team is the give community members immediate support and care to resolve whatever challenges they may be facing, and to connect them with outpatient services such as counseling, psychiatry, and primary care when needed.

The crisis team partners with local first responders, hospitals, and anyone in the community to reduce stigma and incarceration, and provides the following services:

  • 24/7/365 staffing
  • 30 min. community response time to first responders and hospitals
  • De-escalation, crisis counseling, and risk assessments
  • Community stabilization and safety plans
  • Facilitating the inpatient psychiatric hospitalization process
The mobile crisis team is staffed with specially trained crisis response specialists, and coordinates with Spectrum psychiatry, primary care doctors, nurses, and counselors.

A Crisis Response Specialist is a professional who steps in when a client is in the midst of a crisis and provides immediate assistance. The crisis specialist is trained to meet a client where they are at; both physically and emotionally. We have a saying in our department, “You don’t sign up to be a crisis worker unless you have a personal experience with crisis.” Our team at Spectrum empathizes with our community; we have all been impacted by a mental health crisis in one way or another. Whether it’s a significant community event, such as wildfires, or personally with ourselves or a loved one. We have walked in your shoes and know that having someone show up any time day or night can be a life altering moment for a better. We are here for you, no matter what, because someone was there for us.

The next thing you may be curious about is what actually is a crisis and when should I call for a crisis team? The answer is actually quite simple. If you feel like you are in crisis, call! There is nothing too big or too small to ask for help with. Some examples are:

  • Experiencing an emotionally significant event or radical change in your life
  • What something occurs and you can no longer cope with the stress
  • Triggers that cause extreme stress and tension

Classically, crisis intervention was built to serve those experiencing suicidal thoughts. It has now extended to any type of emotional unrest, including substance abuse, dementia, autism, or supports that may be missing overall in your life.

There is no wrong time to call, we are always here to help you.

Accessing crisis services is very simple, there is a statewide crisis line, ran by Solari Health & Human Services. They are the responsible agency for dispatching Crisis Mobile Teams anywhere in the state of Arizona. They will provide you with someone to talk to over the phone 24/7/365. Sometimes that may be all you need to feel supported and have a clear direction of how to move forward. If your need extends beyond a phone call, Solari will assist in sending an in person Crisis Mobile Team to your location to provide the help and assistance you need.

If you or a loved one are in crisis please call:
844-534-HOPE (4673)