Coping With COVID Webinar Series

Coping with Quarantine Courageously

Stress reducing strategies for staying healthy and happy.
Journaling ‘Mindfulness’ Self-Compassion

PART 1 – Effectively Managing a Family Crisis

Part one teaches family members to identify a crisis or when someone in the family is “in the Red Zone”. The main goal in this webinar is to have candid conversations about crisis situations, substance abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of stressors that can end up making a tough situation even worse. How to set up a family Crisis Prevention Plan, use your own family resources, and access community supports. By the end of part one, you will know how to manage the Red Zone and quickly use effective tools to move into the Yellow and Green Zones.

PART 2 – New Tools to Ride the Wave of COVID

Part two teaches family members to effectively manage stress in the Yellow Zone so as to prevent a Red Zone crisis. The goal in this webinar is to explore tools that the family is already using to stay in the Yellow Zone. We will introduce new techniques to quickly identify stressors and discuss new tools to reduce the severity of the pain – so as not to go into the Red Zone. At the end of part two, you will be better equipped to Ride the Wave in the Yellow and get back to thriving in the Green Zone.

PART 3 – You are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

Part three teaches family members to identify family culture and norms that already work to maintain an environment where there is thriving versus coping. When a family is in the Green Zone, there are interactions with one another that foster learning, curiosity, and adventure. In the Green Zone, insight about how the family is managing the challenges is also gleaned, and new awareness about the strengths of each person comes to light. We will learn about new ways to quickly move from the red, to the yellow, to the green zone where acceptance of “a bad day” is easier to grasp. At the end of part three, you will be inspired and excited to use the new tools.

Self-Care: A Path to Follow

Expressive arts, chi chong movements – ancient movements from which all martial arts originate, the tool of breath, use of 5 senses, and relaxation techniques.

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