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Limited Camp Verde Clinics

We are open in camp Verde Thursday and Friday for the next 2 weeks only. Patients will need to register at www.spectrumhg.org/vaccine just like the other 2 sites.

Mobile Clinics in

We will be showing up at remote sites to do vaccine clinics. If patients need help signing up because they don’t have a computer you can click on the link for each clinic and sign them up on the Calendly website. Not in AdvancedMD.

The calendly details then get sent to Anne Huggins and we will have it entered into AMD within 24 hours. After that, the appointment will show up in the Community Vaccine column at the far right of the scheduler.

Beaver Creek Clinic

4/9 from 9-1 for Rimrock / Beaver Creek residents, scheduling at www.spectrumhg.org/beavercreek

Ash Fork Clinic

4/14 from 9-12 for Ash Fork residents, scheduling at www.spectrumhg.org/ashfork

Sedona / Village of Oak Creek Clinic

4/21 from 10-2:30 for Village of Oak Creek residents, scheduling at www.spectrumhg.org/voc

Patients already scheduled but want to come in a different day

Those who were rescheduled because we closed Thursday and Friday can come in on a day that is convenient. Go ahead and move their appointment.

Looking for an appointment (1st dose)

We are able to help people get on the schedule. Ideally, they can sign up on their own at www.spectrumhg.org and follow the vaccine link to register for an appointment.

If they don’t have a computer or are having trouble completing the scheduling, we can do it for them.

For a video tutorial on adding a patient CLICK HERE.

For a video tutorial on adding an appointment CLICK HERE.

Looking for an appointment (2nd dose)

Ask them where they got their 1st dose appointment.

Thumb Butte / Askari – Ask the patient if they want to be scheduled for an appointment. Go ahead and schedule a 2nd dose appointment.

SEARS – Let the patient know that Spectrum does not run the SEARS building. They can call 928-442-5103

If they have already contacted their 1st dose clinic and can’t get in, we can schedule their 2nd dose appointment with us. make sure the appointment type you setup is COVID VACCINE 2nd DOSE.

For a video tutorial on adding a patient CLICK HERE.

For a video tutorial on adding an appointment CLICK HERE.

Rescheduling an existing appointment

Pull up the patient and verify that they have an appointment to begin with. Check to see if it’s 1st dose or 2nd dose.

1st dose = Yellow, 2nd Dose = Orange.

We cannot re-schedule 1st dose appointments to a sooner date only if there is an opening.
We can reschedule appointments to a future date up to 1 week into the future.

For 2nd dose, the patient can come up to 4 days sooner or up to 2 week later. We can reschedule these 2nd dose appointments if needed.

For a video tutorial on moving an appointment CLICK HERE.


Findlay Toyota
Event Center

3201 N Main St,
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Operations Closed. Moved to AZ Derm Suite >>>


Arizona Dermatology Suite
Entertainment District
3001 N Main St,
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Open Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Last Day: Saturday May 15


Verde Valley
Christian Church
406 S 6th St
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Last Day: Friday May 14

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